Chitose Salmon Aquarium (Hokkaido) – Access & Fees

On the banks of the Chitose River, located is an Aquarium that specializes in exhibitions of freshwater fish such as salmon and trout.  There are 8 zones within the aquarium, and one of them features an underwater observation tank; the first of its kind in the country!  There are several programs for visitors including salmon fry release, roe collection, and other seasonal programs.

Observe the different stages of life of a salmon fish up close

In the “Salmon Zone”, there are 3 different tanks that each features a different life stage of the salmon’s life cycle (fry, smolt, adult, etc).  The collection of salmon range from the domestic masu salmon and coho salmon to overseas cousin species such as the brown trout!  This is also the only exhibit where you can observe live shishamo fish in all of Japan!

Recreating the Hokkaido rivers and lakes indoors

Lake Shikotsu is one of the most beautiful lakes in Hokkaido, and to capture and recreate the aesthetic, this aquarium has created a “Shikotsu Zone”. Here, there is a tank that has a display that shows actual footage taken from the lake to show how truly deep the renowned “Shikotsu Blue” color is. The sea creatures displayed in the exhibit “Chitose River Road” is split into three tanks each representing the upstream, midstream, and downstream of the actual river that flows from Lake Shikotsu. The display also highlights the changes that have happened over the years as invasive species have become more common, making visitors think about environment changes.

An autumn tradition, the “salmon fish wheel”

Every autumn, a salmon fish wheel is set up to catch parent salmon fish for the hatching program.  This routine has been done over the years, making it a tradition for locals to see these wheels set up along the Chitose River.  Salmon are fish that return to the river they were born in to give birth to offspring, and the Chitose community has long taken part in the catching of the parent fish to assist in the hatching and release of the offspring.  Come to learn more and experience it yourself!

Popular for children is the “Experience Zone”

This area features several exciting options for children such as a touch pool with baby sturgeon and other redfin species, a “doctor fish” program, and fishing ponds with lobsters!  The slight dim lighting is an enhancing touch to the experience.

Getting here

Admission Tickets, Price

Fees General One-year pass One-year pass discount (*)
Adult 800 yen 1,500 yen 600 yen
High shool student 500 yen 1,000 yen 400 yen
Primary & middle school student 300 yen 500 yen 200 yen
Child (Ages 5 & under) free

* You can get a discount by showing an one-year pass of the following aquariums or zoo.
Zoo: Sapporo City Maruyama Zoo, Asahiyama Zoo, Obihiro Zoo, Kushiroshi Zoo
Aquarium: Sunpiazza Aquarium, Otaru Aquarium, Noshappu Aquarium

Opening Hours & Calendar

General 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Days closed Dec 29, 2018 – Jan 1, 2019 Jan 15 – 31, 2019

Note: Schedule may vary. Please check the opening hours on the official website.

Official website

Chitose Salmon Aquarium


Nursing Lounge

The aquarium has a nursing lounge. Hot water for infant formula is available at the Road Station.

Coin lockers

The aquarium has coin-operated lockers.

Baby stroller rental service

Baby strollers are available free of charge.

Wheelchair rental service

Wheelchairs are available free of charge (Total number: 3)

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