Marimo Exhibition and Observation Center (Hokkaido) – Access, Hours & Fees

Traversing Hokkaido from south to north takes 8 hours by car. In other words, there are several points of beautiful nature to sightsee. In the east side of the prefecture, Lake Akan is one of the most clear and flourishing lakes with many amazing creatures. The Marimo Exhibition and Observation Center is where one can have a chance to view these rare and unique gems of the marine world.

Discover the charm of Marimo!

Have you ever seen a real marimo? A marimo is a species of filamentous fresh water green algae that grows into a ball. Lake Akan’s marimo is renowned for its perfectly spherical shape, and has been designated as a Japanese natural treasure. In order to secure the safety of the marimo, this center’s protection program brings in marimo into tanks specialized for their care. They are available to view publicly, but are returned to their home in Lake Akan during the winter seasons. Upon a closer look, many will be surprised at how massive these natural marimo are. Some of the marimo themed sweets are a must buy as a souvenir!

Excursion boats to the center are also a breathtaking experience

In order to visit the center, one must take an excursion boat to Chuurui Island. The boat stays moored for about 15 minutes, the ride itself lasting about an hour to arrival. Once on the island, there are several other places to see such as the Akankohan Eco Museum Center. In the summer, many visit the area for its fame as a spiritual spot.

Getting here


Admission Tickets, Price

Fees General
Adult (Sightseeing Cruiser+Admission fee) 1,900 yen
Adult (Motor Boats+Admission fee) 2,500 yen ~
Primary & middle school student (Sightseeing Cruiser+Admission fee) 990 yen
Primary & middle school student (Motor Boats+Admission fee) 2,500 yen ~

Please check the official website for details.

Opening Hours & Calendar

Apr 29 – Nov 30 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Days closed Other than above or when the tour boat is canceled.

Note: Schedule may vary. Please check the opening hours on the official website.

Official website

Marimo Exhibition and Observation Center


Nursing Lounge

Not available.

Coin lockers

Not available.

Baby stroller rental service

Not available. The aquarium is stroller friendly.

Wheelchair rental service

Not available. The aquarium is wheelchair friendly.