Tokai University Marine Science Museum (Shizuoka) – Access, Hours & Fees

The Marine Science Center in Tokai University opened in 1970 as a maritime museum with elements of an aquarium and a science museum. There are two floors, with an aquarium on the first floor, and a science museum on the second floor. It is the best marine science museum in Japan.

Meet around 400 kinds of sea creatures

In ‘Living creatures of Suruga Bay’ there is a row of 25 tanks. Moving from one to the next visitors see a progression from shallow water creatures to deep sea creatures. Visitors can learn about how the ecology and habitat of sea creatures changes according to the depth of the water they inhabit. In addition, along one wall there are specimens of 120 kinds of deep-sea organisms including the precious giant oarfish and frilled shark to help you learn even more about deep sea creatures. The ‘Ocean water tank’ located in the center of the museum is a powerful exhibit containing about 50 species and more than 1000 sea creatures on display in a huge 10m × 10m × 6m tank. This tank is divided into different underwater landscapes such as ‘coral reef’, ‘seaweed’, ‘sand bottom’ and ‘reef’ so that it is possible to observe various sea environments and living creatures within the one tank. Walking up a slope allows you to view this tank from above, while taking the stairs down into a tunnel lets you view it through the windows. Visitors will love the ability to view this tank in many different ways.

‘Clownfish Kids’ is great for children

This is a corner where families can enjoy learning about sea creatures. Try touching a sea urchin or sea cucumber, and experience the feeding of yellowtail clownfish. When you feed the clownfish you receive a mini hand towel that makes a good souvenir. On the second floor in the science museum division, there are ‘mechanimals’ (mechanical animals) and a 3D theater in which you can see footage of sea creatures. This is a good place to enjoy learning about the scientific aspects of the sea and sea creatures. In the arts and crafts area, make a clownfish hat (for a fee), a rubbing or some origami in a large, open space. There is also a nursing room with a changing bed and hot water. This is an ideal place for families with young children to take a rest.

Getting here


Admission Tickets, Price

Fees General One-year pass
Adult (over high school student) 1,500 yen 3,500 yen
Child (Ages 4+) 750 yen 1,750 yen
Senior (Ages 65+) 750 yen

Opening Hours & Calendar

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Last entry 4:30 p.m.)
Days closed Every Tuesday and the end of the year. If a Tuesday is a national holiday the aquarium is open.
The aquarium is open during the beginning of the year, spring holidays, Golden Week holidays, and Tuesdays in July and August.

Official website

Tokai University Marine Science Museum


Nursing Lounge

The aquarium has a nursing room for babies.

Coin lockers

The aquarium has a coin-operated lockers.

Baby stroller rental service

Baby strollers are available free of charge.

Wheelchair rental service

Wheelchairs are available free of charge.